Stage Construction

A stage as it is desired and needed.

For meetings, congresses or general meetings, for concerts, exhibitions, shows or movie and TV-productions – everything is possible, no matter what size or height, with or without a catwalk or other extensions, covered or without a roof, indoor or outdoor.


We work safely and high up above –

not only in attaching trusses on roofs and tall stages, but also when we are talking about our competences. We set clear priorities: the observance of all security relevant criteria comes first, after that we take care of the visual harmony of the stage design and the right line of sight. That is how we place every required light, sound and multimedia elements optimally, without affecting the audiences view, because all in all your audience should be able to see everything that is relevant on stage.

Safety first!

Artists and audience should be safe at all times. That is why we control our equipment regularly before and after every job. Our riggers are working strictly according to static and plan and they are taking care of every detail.

Safety before pleasure!


Quality and safety are the highest priorities when it comes to rigging and constructing stages.

These priorities manifest themselves in the choice of our equipment: for example motorized chain lifts by ChainMaster, pedestals by Mott and Nivtec and trusses by Global Truss. Due to the large selection of one-, two-, three-, four-point trusses, truss stamps, motors and lifts, we are well prepared for every opportunity.

We are your CONTACTS

Jessica Heine | MSV EventJessica Heine | MSV Event
Jessica HeineAccounting, administration, staff management
Dominik Loock | MSV EventDominik Loock | MSV Event
Dominik LoockCEO, project management, video technology