Light Technology

A fitting lighting concept does more than just lighting up the dark. Emotions, warmth, goosebumps moments and much more can be generated with the right lighting.

We only use products of professional manufacturers to put your event in perspective. These include Robe, JB-Lighting, Arri, Litecraft, Martin and MA-Lighting.

  • Light mixers

  • dimmers, static light

  • moving light

  • versatile LED-technology

  • decoration lighting

  • theatre lighting

  • fog machines

  • stroboscopes

  • cold firework and much more

In our optimally equipped warehouse, you will find the complete portfolio of modern light technology. It can be used for small events, exhibitions, concerts, movie or TV productions and also to realize also the highest expectations on light design.

In the process, we also take the architecture and the motto of the event in consideration, as well as the message to be conveyed and the wishes of the director. That is how we implement light concepts professionally and produce moods you want your customers to experience.

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