Planning and Project Management

Planning & Realization

For the planning and realizing of your event, a good preparation is indispensable nowadays. It does not matter, whether you are thinking about a small or large event, a simple meeting or a big gala with bands and artists.

A detailed plan is always the best precondition for the success of your event.

From Planning to Perfection

We do not leave anything to chance, since we want to lay the foundation for the perfect event already in the planning process. To achieve that, we consider the smallest details, all eventualities and look outside the box. We know and mind all legal regulations and count in the necessary security reserves.

Our planning starts, as soon as the conception phase for your event is finished. We visit the locations and develop suggestions for stage constructions, sound, lighting and video. Depending on the required equipment, we draw up extensive plans, CAD-drawings or develop visualizations, we can discuss with you. We will even assist you in the main organization of the event, if desired. We take care of all elements and accompany you with pleasure from planning the event to ending it successfully.

Everything We Plan, Can Be Realized!

You already know: everything we plan has rhyme and reason and can be implemented one-to-one.

After finishing the planning process, the next steps follow. Depending on the job, we construct, decorate or arrange the stage, assemble the equipment and connect everything with the control desk. At the end we check the functionality of the whole equipment and your event is ready to start.

Of course, our experienced event masters, sound engineers and camera men are taking care of a smooth process in directing all sound and light effects, during the event. That is how the event you imagine, grows bigger step by step.

We are your CONTACTS

Jessica Heine | MSV EventJessica Heine | MSV Event
Jessica HeineAccounting, administration, staff management
Dominik Loock | MSV EventDominik Loock | MSV Event
Dominik LoockCEO, project management, video technology