Event Technology

Innovative and professionally executed event-technology for every type of event.

Every event is unique and should be always a highlight. Some are informative and factual, some are emotional, with show-effects and “wow!-moments”.

But there is one thing they all have in common: every event requires highest professionality in construction and execution.

On a storage area of over 1000m²,

we offer you a wide selection of the most modern event technology (speaker systems, amplifiers, mixers, players, dimmers, lighting control, moving lights, effect lights, conventional lights. fog- and effect machines, complete sound and light systems etc.) and also trusses, rigging and stage construction.

You will be invited with pleasure to a tour through our warehouse if you are interested in something.

Our staff will show you everything you want to know and will advise you in order to make your event a success.


For the planning and realizing of your event, a good preparation is indispensable nowadays. It does not matter, whether you are thinking …
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Stage Construction

A stage as it is desired and needed. For meetings, congresses or general meetings, for concerts, exhibitions, shows or movie and TV-productions …
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Light Technology

A fitting lighting concept does more than just lighting up the dark. Emotions, warmth, goosebumps moments and much more can be generated with the right …
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Sound Technology

Good and clear sound is important for every type of event. Especially a good speech intelligibility and tone color are essential when you play music at your event.
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Video Technology

A picture is worth a thousand words. Most events are underlined with moving images nowadays. We also support the events of our cusotmers visually, since a long time.
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Digital Live-Events

If it is not possible to see each other face to face, we offer you an optimal alternative with our digital live events. We will set up a complete …
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DJ - Booking

No matter for which event you need a DJ, we are happy to help you. We offer you a DJ for weddings, company events, birthdays, anniversaries or all other conceivable occasions …
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Those who know us know that we have a wide range of event technology at our disposal. We have more than 1000 m² of professional equipment in stock, so that everyone  …
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As a service provider, it is particularly important to us to be close to our customers and to be able to respond flexibly to their wishes. Thanks to a well-functioning logistics system, …
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